Vanessa Hedge Pilates

Pilates classes in Knutsford, Holmes Chapel, Middlewich, Goostrey, Cheshire

Geoff Cummings

"I have history of bilateral shoulder surgery and was advised by my Physiotherapist to do Pilates. Working with Vanessa has been excellent, she is encouraging and Pilates is never boring with her, we never know what's coming next! Since attending her classes my shoulders are better. I generally feel fitter and more supple. She always monitors the clients and suggests alternative exercises in the event of injuries or strains. I would recommend her to anyone."

Janet Chettle

"Before coming to Pilates classes I suffered from lower back pain and sciatica. Vanessa made me feel welcome and part of the class very quickly. She gives very clear instructions and ensures that I am doing the exercises correctly. She often introduces new exercises which makes it interesting. Since attending her classes I feel much more flexible, my core is stronger and I can do things that I was not able to do before. I find the class very enjoyable as well as beneficial. What's more, my waist is back!"

Kathryn Hall

"I enjoy coming to Vanessa's Pilates classes as it give me an hour to myself, peace and relaxation and an overall feeling of wellbeing. I have become stronger and more toned."

Denton Brock

I have only found Pilates later on in my sporting career, but as a platform to build core strength and reduce the potential effect of injury, it is essential. Vanessa's instruction style is very interactive and specific to the areas of the body that need improvement. I would highly recommend seeing the benefits for yourself.

Norrie Russell

Vanessa's style is friendly and caring. Tailored to your needs. I have benefited far more than I expected from our sessions. She has given me back the mobility and confidence I had lost. I highly recommend her sessions to you. This is Pilates at its best!

Charlotte Proudlove

I was quite delicate after major breast reconstruction surgery and I hadn't done any exercise other than walking occasionally for quite some time and I also had a historic back complaint. I was wary about hurting myself but Vanessa is supportive and tailored the exercises to suit me. I feel more flexible, toned and I have a waist!

Aliya Stretton

I am a bit of a stress head and I find Pilates relaxes me, I always sleep better after classes! My posture has improved and the exercises keep me stretched and supple, particularly as I'm getting older!

Wendy Lomas

"After an injury at work I was off sick for months and couldn't walk, my Physiotherapist suggested I tried Pilates and since then I have been coming to Vanessa and have seen a huge transformation in my health. She is understanding and supportive but pushes me when she needs to. I went from not being able to walk to being able to work and even jog again with confidence that my recovery is moving forwards."

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